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Provides you with security services tailor-made to your cloud needs!

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Monitor posture, detect & respond to maintain compliance across your public cloud

Cloud security starts with complete visibility into every deployed resource as well as the confidence they're properly configured and compliant



Managed Cloud Security Benefits



Strong Cloud Security Foundation

Review security strategy, including IAM, cloud-native & security tools, workloads, applications, architecture, and connectivity. Identify to-be state, find improvement areas, and provide recommendations. Define cloud security strategy aligned with regional and organizational compliance requirements. Prioritize projects based on cost, effort, and risk.
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Oversee Cloud Security Risks

Identify compliance requirements, drive workshops to understand the status quo. Conduct risk assessment using CSA, CIS, and cloud-native security checklists such as AWS. Evaluate remediation options across engineering, architecture, and technology, IAM, security testing, development (CI/CD), and operations (DevOps). 

Engineer Cloud Security - DevSecOps

Architecture design, cloud-native and non-native technologies, and configuration. IAM configurations, roles, users, secrets, and key management. Enterprise directory, IAM integration, DevSecOps automation. Integration of continuous security testing, continuous compliance, protection, and monitoring tools. Security in Infrastructure as Code (IaC - terraform) and configuration management scripts (Chef, Puppet, Ansible). Bespoke integration with applications and systems using API.
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Protect Data and Privacy

Establish a business-aligned data protection framework for cloud and SaaS-based storage. Define data protection processes and guidelines. Define technology selection and implementation roadmap for securing buckets and blobs, cloud SQL and NoSQL DB, & long-term storage. Secure access using both cloud-native IAM and enterprise integrated IAM/PAM, SSO, MFA, encryption, and anonymization. 


Our Cloud Security Services

Single sign-on (SSO)

With SSO you'll control & manage employee access to specific resources or data, based on the employee’s role & other criteria you have in place.

Endpoint security

Endpoint devices are accessing your cloud in many ways, are exposes to attacks & to the whole network. We provide you with tailor-made measures that are continually looking for new threats that might override your current security measures and optimize accordingly.

Auditing & optimizing

An audit would shed light on the unapproved applications and services that crop up and pose a risk to your cloud posture and environment. It also shows where your environment is more vulnerable and susceptible to threats.

Adopt multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA requirements will make it harder for hackers or unauthorized entities to gain access to your cloud, as they won’t obtain a code or one-time password even when they have access to your standard credentials.

Proactive cloud infrastructure monitoring

Moving from Reactive to Proactive! Better implementation of security best practices to avoid risk, and detecting anomalies early on, before they spread to compromise your entire cloud infrastructure.


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Dive Deep

Undertaking hands-on responsibility on all levels, from planning, through implementation, project management, and ongoing support.

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Relentlessly operating to deliver high-quality products, services, and processes, while adhering to industry best practices and top performance standards.

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Training our teams to demonstrate impeccable quality in a timely fashion. Your long term satisfaction is our sole concern.


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