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Cloudride offers the skills required to make your cloud journey as simple, agile, and cost-effective as possible with our professional team built from experienced Cloud Architects and DevOps, ready for all tasks your organization requires, from the initial migration planning to the premium on-demand support and personal allocations.



Cloud Migration Benefits

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Cloud means fast, and easy scalability in accordance with your business needs
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Reduced Costs

Save up on equipment, energy, and human resources overheads

Business Continuity

The cloud ensures there are no bottlenecks and missing parts in your workflows. Keep your data safe and intact, your services running, and always on
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Security & Compliance

Ensure enterprise-level security tools and compliance solutions that bring peace of mind


Cloudride Migration Services


Flexible Operations

A cloud solution allows organizations to deploy and test applications quickly over the cloud. Instead of manually using the app, the development teams can deploy the applications through automated deployment options without worrying about compatibility and performance issues.

Cost Reduction

In an era when the competition has become fierce, every business is looking for cost-effective solutions to remain profitable. Cloud migration helps companies to reduce both operational and capital expenses simply because of the pay-as-you-go billing model that is ideal for businesses that now have to pay only for the resources their server consumes.


Since a cloud server is accessible from anywhere, users experience the versatility of access and ease of use like none other. IP whitelisting feature ensures the authorization of the user to access the server from any part of the world regardless of device. This function is commonly available in all PaaS cloud services, such as Cloudways.


A known cloud migration problem is keeping the backend server APIs updated. When it comes to cloud migration, application management team do not have to worry about API and application update.

Scalable Resources

The most visible benefit of cloud migration is the inherent feature of flexible server resources. This is the main reason why applications that require varying levels of server resources opt for the scalable server solutions offered by cloud hosting solutions.

Secured Storage 

Organizations prefer to go with cloud migration because of the very secure storage that is available at a very reasonable operational cost. Besides, when the need arises, the room can be easily scaled up or down without disrupting the application usage. This is an excellent feature for businesses with seasonal or periodic data storage requirements.


AWS MAP with Cloudride

The Cloud Migration 3-year best practice plan is built around the 3 following phases: 


 A comprehensive oversight of the organizations’ IT requirements which allows the business justification for a cloud migration


The first step into the cloud includes the required knowledge transfer, security overlay, cloud architecture and a pilot of a production environment on cloud


Following a successful pilot, your IT will be migrated to the cloud and then modernize to allow as close as possible “cloud native” like environment  

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Undertaking hands-on responsibility on all levels, from planning, through implementation, project management, and ongoing support.

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