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Cloud Services for Healthcare

Navigating the ever-changing nature of IT & its value to the healthcare & medical devices

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The healthcare industry of today is tied to secure computing technology. Cloudride is focused on helping to protect your customer’s critical data and help you remain HIPAA compliant.

 Cloud Management Benefits


Use the right amount of resources to support demand for your application at any given time
Reduced Costs
Save up on equipment, energy, and human resources overheads
Business Continuity
Recover your systems and networks in the event of failures
Security & Compliance
Ensure that every instance on AWS, from encryption to IAM, has air-tight security

Governance and Security

Healthcare cloud environments are required to meet specific regulations to protect Patient Health Information (PHI). We help you meet HIPAA and manage healthcare cloud ecosystems. We help customers migrate healthcare cloud workloads into their environment and protect them by wrapping them with managed security controls.

Our Cloud Management Services

Cloud Migration

We work together with you at every stage of the migration process and ensure solutions that match your business needs.


On-Demand Services

Planning, building, and automating complex, large-scale, distributed systems on public cloud platforms



A suboptimally designed cloud infrastructure will quickly run into scaling bottlenecks and prolonged recovery times

Cloud Security

We focus on providing our customers with tailor-made security solutions from top vendors, specifically designed for their needs




Poorly implemented ci/cd and automation processes on AWS introduce more bottlenecks and misalignment than they solve

Cost Optimization

We specialize in creating comprehensive cost-saving strategies with our customers, providing management & control tools per organization, tag, product, or P&L.



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how to use cloud experts & technology partners to innovate your production environment to stay ahead in the competition.



Healthcare Compliance on AWS Cloud

How to protect PHI & PII on AWS cloud and HIPAA Compliance


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Cloud IoT for Medical Devices and Healthcare

Jul 29, 2021 10:39:27 AM

As digitization advances, cloud computing and IoT are becoming increasingly crucial for the medical field. Making in-depth diagnoses and successful treatments in hospitals and monitoring patients at home are made possible by the Internet of Medical Things (IoT). The patient's data is collected and analyzed through the use of cloud-based medical solutions and connected devices. 

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CEO Report - Cloud Computing Benefits for The Healthcare Industry

Jul 22, 2021 9:40:38 AM

Healthcare has shifted from the episodic interventions necessary for contagious diseases and workplace accidents during the post-World War II era. In today's health care system, prevention and management of chronic conditions are the primary goals. The use of cloud technologies in the healthcare sector provides a way to unlock digital and analytics capabilities. Through better innovation, digitization (such as the digital transformation of stakeholder journeys), and strategic objectives, healthcare practices have the performance leverage they need.

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HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Jul 13, 2021 6:12:24 PM

Healthcare organizations have massive regulatory obligation and liability risk when using cloud services to store, or process protected health information (PHI) or building web-based applications that handle PHI, and therefore are subject to the strictest security requirements.

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