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AWS Cloud Management Services

The power of AWS is matched only by our competence & skill to harness it for the success of your business.

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Your cloud journey guided by our AWS experts, every step of the way

As a leading AWS Consulting Partner & Audited Managed Service provider, Cloudride put together a suite of AWS services to help organizations successfully move to the cloud, and continually optimize their AWS environments, ultimately freeing up IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Our AWS Cloud Management Services

Cloud Migration

We work together with you at every stage of the migration process and ensure solutions that match your business needs.


On-Demand Services

Planning, building, and automating complex, large-scale, distributed systems on public cloud platforms



A suboptimally designed cloud infrastructure will quickly run into scaling bottlenecks and prolonged recovery times

Cloud Security

We focus on providing our customers with tailor-made security solutions from top vendors, specifically designed for their needs




Poorly implemented ci/cd and automation processes on AWS introduce more bottlenecks and misalignment than they solve

Cost Optimization

We specialize in creating comprehensive cost-saving strategies with our customers, providing management & control tools per organization, tag, product, or P&L.



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We're eager to learn more about your current infrastructure and help you assess your cloud needs.

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AWS Blogs


AWS Cloud control API

Jan 16, 2022 8:59:35 PM

AWS Cloud Control is a unified API that enables developers to automate the management of AWS resources. Amazon Web Service recently released the API. It allows developers to access a centralized API for managing the lifecycle of tons of AWS resources and more third-party resources. With this API, developers will be able to manage the lifecycle of these resources consistently and uniformly, eliminating the need to manage them separately.

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What's New in Networking, Content Delivery and Next generation Compute from AWS re:Invent

Jan 9, 2022 7:13:13 PM

In our last blog post reporting from AWS re:Invent, we covered The Most Prominent Innovation and Tech Developments in the Field of Backup & Storage.This week we’re all about Networking, Content Delivery and Next Generation Compute. So let’s get down to business with the most important highlights for 2022:

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What's new in Backups & Storage from AWS re:Invent

Dec 28, 2021 8:50:37 PM

This year’s AWS re: invent conference held in Las Vegas on November 29th – December 3rd of 2021, was incredible, presenting dozens of new innovations and technologies, covering practically every aspect of the public cloud. To make things easier on you – here’s a series of several posts where we’ve gathered the most important highlights, and we’re proud to open with (drumroll) – The Most Prominent Innovation and Tech Developments in the Field of Backup & Storage.

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