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Kubernetes solution built for security & delivered as a service with superior economics & ongoing operations & support

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Tap into the security, affordability & scalability of Kubernetes

Cloudride offers expertise in creating and operating open-source infrastructure to help you maximize public-cloud portability and avoid lock-in. We manage the ongoing operations and support of the entire technology stack, from the hardware to the IaaS to Kubernetes, including the containers and the cluster application services, so you can focus on building and running your applications.


Cloudride Kubernetes as a Service

Run applications at scale

Kubernetes lets you harness the power of microservices and run your applications at scale across a cluster of servers.

Multicloud Portability

By design, Kubernetes offers portability across clouds. Using Kubernetes, we’ll help you easily move your container-based applications across multiple clouds and environments, enabling greater flexibility and helping to accelerate speed to market

Seamlessly integration

Using Kubernetes, containerized applications can be easily moved from your local machine to production in a matter of minutes without any complicated integration procedures.

Run anywhere

Run highly available and scalable Kubernetes clusters while maintaining full compatibility with your Kubernetes deployments running on-premises.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We secure the technology stack from the infrastructure to the Kubernetes cluster, including the containers running inside the cluster and the additional services required to run applications. Cloudride takes care of it, so you don’t have to.


As an open-source project, the power of the community can help you move forward quickly and easily.


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Our core values

Customer Obsession

Continuously adding value to the customer experience, and prioritizing customer needs on every milestone.

Dive Deep

Undertaking hands-on responsibility on all levels, from planning, through implementation, project management, and ongoing support.

Earn Trust

Implementing best practices and full transparency, to tailor a customised solution for your current needs and future growth plans.

The Highest Standards

Relentlessly operating to deliver high-quality products, services, and processes, while adhering to industry best practices and top performance standards.

Deliver Results

Training our teams to demonstrate impeccable quality in a timely fashion. Your long term satisfaction is our sole concern.