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Lambda as a Services

Powering your infrastructure with AWS Lambda

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Creating serverless solutions & transforming applications to the cloud by leveraging AWS Lambda

Take your company’s web service development & infrastructure automation to the next level with AWS Lambda™ Serverless. Serverless architecture is the cutting edge of cloud technology—you are only charged for what you actually use. By adopting serverless architecture our customers were able to save between 50%~70% of the total cost of their cloud operations.



Cost Optimization - The Cloudride Way


Manage-less Servers
Just write your code and upload it. No servers to provision or manage when your code runs on AWS Lambda.
Reduce Costs
You are only charged for every 100ms your code executes and the number of times your code is triggered.
Code runs in response to each trigger, automatically scaling your application on AWS Lambda.
Improve performance
Optimize your code execution time by choosing a memory size that fits your function.



Our AWS Lambda Expertise

Web Service

AWS Lambda plays an essential role in receiving requests from the API gateway and then processing these requests by collaborating with other services. This pay-per-usage model is especially useful for our clients who have multi-regional web service representation

Operation Automation

We will help you automate your entire CI/CD process by combining managed services such as CodePipeline™ and CodeBuild™ with Lambda. You will then spend less time on operations, maintenance, and server overhead. We manage the entire stack in CloudFormation so that we can then easily rebuild it in the new environment.


Infrastructure Monitoring

We also integrate Lambda with CloudWatch™ Monitoring in order to expand the scope and detail of infrastructure monitoring.

Data Processing

We pioneered the serverless data process by combining Kinesis, Lambda, AWS Glue, and S3 to build Data Lake for our customers—effectively reducing infrastructure overhead costs.



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