cloud professional services

Azure DevOps engineer

Experience with Azure cloud - A MUST


  • Understand the customer’s business & application requirements and translate them into system / technical requirements.
  • share and communicate end-to-end solutions (orally and in writing) to executives, business sponsors, and technical resources
  • Adapt the customer's current processes and flows to the cloud.
  • Create a detailed, functional cloud architecture diagram, Statement-of-Work (SoW).
  • Create and support proof of concept (POC)/demos and present solutions to clients.


  • 3+ years of hands-on experience on Azure
  • Experience with E2E enterprise architecture complexity
  • Wide knowledge of relevant products and E2E Business process and operation
  • Ability to understand business requirements and convert them into solutions.
  • Customer-facing and presentation capabilities.
  • Practical hands-on experience in some of the following technologies:
    • Scripting abilities in at least one of the following: Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl, PowerShell
    • Web Server & Load Balancers - httpd, nginx, IIS, HAProxy, F5, etc.
    • Containers and Orchestrators - Terraform, ECS, Kubernetes, Swarm, Docker-compose, etc.
    • CI/CD Servers / Services - Jenkins, TeamCity, Spinnaker, TravisCI, CircleCI.
    • Databases (SQL/NoSQL) - MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, AWS Aurora, Redshift, BigQuery, Oracle, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Couchbase, etc.
    • Log Aggregation Servers / Services (ELK).


  • proven experience in migration of solutions to the cloud and/or running an operation on a cloud environment.
  • Experience with system monitoring platforms (Datadog, Prometheus, etc)

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