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Prepare Your Infrastructure

for Massive traffic surges

Even when you can seamlessly adjust the computing power of your cloud server or, more generally, of your architecture in time, the importance of careful and continuous monitoring, which is a sort of operational supervision, must be considered.

To summarize in a few points, the below characteristics make AWS an ideal cloud for Black Friday and the optimal reaction to traffic spikes:

  • It has immediate scalability that does not involve variations of any kind: where it is enough, in short, to adapt the resources with vertical upgrades
  • You can add other virtual machines and scale those machines that already make up the web architecture
  • Ease of use and flexible, good infrastructure optimization/tuning
  • Reliable security and encryptions
  • Amazon Cloudfront helps with low latency and seamless content delivery
  • Workload sharing enables seamless collaboration for robust architecture implementation for transparency, efficiency, and security
  • Fast response one-on-one support

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