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What Our Clients Say

"I was surprised by the amount of traffic we were able to pass if we were limited in the past without knowing how much. With Cloudride's solution, we were able to provide continuous fast traffic and a larger number of users, especially during this time that all the studies went to video."

Eyal Knaan CTO Classboost

“Cloudride has supported us in building a robust and flexible IoT solution that is ready to scale as our business expands. We have come to trust and rely on their Cloudride professionalism for AWS architecture.” 

Haim Baron CEO RFKeepr

“The collaboration with Cloudride helped speed Theator’s time to market with the security audits as well as new Theator services.”

Dotan Asselmann CEO Theator

”Cloudride experts acknowledge our company's infrastructure development process and architect a solution tailor-made for our needs. Their work was a crucial milestone that enabled us to scale our engineering teams and systems in step with our rapid growth.”

Miki Schnarch VP R&D Kioxia

"Cloudride gives you the feeling that they are really willing to go above and beyond. They are driven by providing value and results and are simply willing to take those extra steps that differentiate between a supplier and a partner"

Aviel Dahan Global IT Director Radwin

"The process was a great time-saving experience. For us to take something solid to the council for approval was a pain-free process, and I look back at it and think that the selection of the IT Policy system was absolutely the right call on our behalf. A new era. Whatever digital future demands, we will keep developing the right solutions for our customers."

Oded Har-Tal CTO DataRails

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Our Services

Cloud Migration

We lead our customers’ migration from classic on-premises to public cloud solutions or provide inter/intracloud migrations, as hybrid and multi-cloud architecture. 

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DevOps as a Service

Planning, building, and automating complex, large-scale, distributed systems on public cloud platforms.

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Cloud Security

We focus on providing our customers with tailor-made security solutions from top vendors, specifically designed for their needs. 

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Cost Optimization

We specialize in creating comprehensive cost-saving strategies with our customers, providing management & control tools per organization, tag, product, or P&L.

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Lambda as a Service

Creating serverless solutions & transforming applications to the cloud by leveraging AWS Lambda.

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Cloud Computing 

We are changing how businesses and public institutions use information technology. Our team will work with your technology team to find the best cloud solution tailor-made to your needs. 

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Kubernetes Experts 

Businesses are choosing containers to power their digital transformations & they rely on Kubernetes to help them deploy, scale & manage their growth. Our team of experts will tame the complexity of your Kubernetes. 

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Windows Workloads 

As a leading AWS Consulting Partner & Audited Managed Service provider, Cloudride provides a wide-reaching set of global compute, database, application, and deployment services that use or work with Microsoft technologies.

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Unlocking the Next Level of Database Performance and Efficiency with AWS in 2024

Apr 16, 2024 1:36:14 PM

As we navigate the ever-evolving cloud computing landscape in 2024, the strategic selection and optimization of database services have become pivotal to driving business success. Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to lead the charge, offering a plethora of database solutions that empower organizations to build cutting-edge applications, unlock new insights, and stay ahead of the curve. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the latest advancements in the AWS database ecosystem, highlighting the key services and capabilities that can elevate your cloud strategy in the year ahead.

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Slash Your AWS Networking Costs with VPC Endpoints

Apr 4, 2024 1:31:17 PM

Efficiently managing networking costs without compromising on security is a significant challenge in cloud infrastructure design. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Endpoints provide a streamlined solution to this issue, offering secure, direct connections to AWS services that bypass expensive, traditional data transfer methods. This piece delves into the mechanics and benefits of VPC Endpoints, highlighting their crucial role in reducing operational overhead while maintaining the integrity of private subnet communications.

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Unlock Cloud Efficiency: Migrating to Karpenter on Amazon EKS

Mar 25, 2024 4:21:06 PM

Recognizing the imperative for efficiency in today’s digital landscape, businesses are constantly on the lookout for methods to enhance their cloud resource management. Within this context, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) distinguishes itself as a robust platform for orchestrating containerized applications at scale. However, the real challenge lies in optimizing infrastructure management, especially in scaling worker nodes responsively to fluctuating demands.

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