cloud professional services

Senior DevOps

Summary of Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead team members in achieving professional excellence utilizing industry best practices 
  • Advise and maintain a feedback loop with the company’s customers to ensure deliveries are in accordance with the customer’s needs and expectations
  • Function as a go-to tech lead for pinpointing challenges and finding creative solutions
  • Prioritize projects/tasks according to company needs and expectations


2+ years of experience with the AWS platform - must

  • CI/CD solutions (Git, Gitflow, GitOps, Terraform, Jenkins pipelines, Helm)
  • Containers and orchestrators (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS)
  • System monitoring and centralized logging platforms (Prometheus, ELK) 


  • Strong experience with AWS and vast usage of their services
  • Strong experience with networking, Linux, and Windows administration
  • Strong awareness of production environments
  • Experience with performing under pressure and meeting deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, flexible, communicative with a committed personality
  • Works well in a self-reliant working atmosphere, independent, and detail-oriented


  • Experience with system monitoring platforms (Datadog, Prometheus, etc)
  • Experience with centralized logging platforms (Graylog2, ELK)
  • Familiarity with version control tools (Git, SVN, etc)
  • Configuration management knowledge (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc)
  • Experience with CI/CD platforms (Terraform, Jenkins, TeamCity, TravisCI, Codeship, etc)
  • Experience with Docker containers and orchestrators (Kubernetes, ECS, Swarm, etc)

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